This past year I turned 40 years old. I was going to have a big party with family and friends, but due to “life” my funds were used else where for a good cause. My wife attempted to have me do something on a smaller scale, but I just wasn’t in to it. So no party or celebration of my four decades of life on this earth. I guess…no, I became bitter, good cause or not, but “life” also can slap you back into place.

As a graphic designer I get calls to do obituaries. Some have been of people older, and some younger than me. The ones that hit me are the ones that are near my age. I have also recently attended more funerals than I would have like, but death is the constant in our lives. Often times I have heard a sermon preached about the “dash.” The dash the ministers were speaking of is the one between your year of birth and the year of your passing. The message is what have you done with your dash? Last week I attended a funeral of a friends husband and while reading his obituary I began to ask myself…”what would your obituary read Darren?” My first thought was “I’m not going anywhere! What is the problem!?” But I really began to think about it. After all I always wondered why some people could live a long life and only have one or two paragraphs on a folded 8 ½ x 11. So I began to actually think about it.

If you are starting to wonder if I’m going to type my obituary, I’m not :o). I can say that it could fill a complete page. But in the end what really matters it that you live life to the best of your abilities. For me its doing what makes me happy naturally and most importantly doing what Christ has planned for me. Both are continued works in progress.

So what is your dash? At this point if you don’t like it you have time to change it. Time waits for no man they say, but man has some control over what to do with his time.

until then…

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