The other day I had a meeting and it was about making quota numbers and what numbers say about performance. Near the end of the meeting I used a phrase from former NFL coach Bill Parcels, he said “you are what your record says you are”. For instance we are at the half way point in this corrent football season. The Cleveland Browns are 4-3 (hopfully after today they will be 5-3) The NO Saints are 3-4, (they started out 0-4) now remember the Saints went to the NFC Championship game last year. So as a whole, are the the sorry team now or the good team as last year. If we go by recorord, they are a sorry team. What happend to the the Browns? They were sloppy and sorry last year, but now they are competing with the best of them.

With a team of individuals you can make changes to improve. The Browns traded starting quarterback Charlie Fry and Derek Anderson stepped up and is now second in touchdown passes to the Patriots Tom Brady (who by the way is on a record setting pace of 60+ Touchdown passes.) Now the Browns, with that chance and draft picks, are very competitive.

Now back to the meeting, as individuals are we what our recored states? To a degree yes….and no. I’ve learned that there is the you that we project, and the you that is hidden for what ever reasen. Sometimes because we want to put up a front and sometimes because we don’t know its there, nor is there anyone to pull what is really inside of us.

There is potiental in us all. Most of us never realize that potiental, but it’s there nevertheless. Some of us have the drive to push all of the greatness out, and there are those of us who need pushing from someone or something. Back to sports, all of the teams have some type of potiental to win, but their coach or captians need to pull out of their players the potiental that got them to the professional level.

So are you what your record states? Am I? No I’m not, my season isn’t over, there is still time to win and all of my full potential has yet to be realized. I’ll get back to you when the season is over…

Until Then…

(ps. the latter half of this post was finished on monday…Browns won)

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