Take me to the King, I don’t have much to bring. My heart is torn in pieces…it’s my offering. Lay me at the Throne. Leave me there alone to gaze upon your Glory, sing to you this song.

Yep it gets like this sometimes.

Life’s circumstances can naturally wear you down. You can’t effectively pray, study, worship or praise for all that overcomes you personally and the extra from those closest around us.

It’s a very real thing. I only say that because some that may read this are “Blessed and Highly Favored”…. all the time. If asked, their world is peachy. Well, that isn’t my reality and I would be confident in saying that many people share a similar reality.

No tears to cry, even if I tried. But still my soul refuses to die. One touch will change my life.

Thankfully in times like this there is something within us that clicks in. An override button if you will. It’s the innate deposit from Christ that takes over. The mission is to get us to the Throne of our King by any means necessary for that one touch. The one touch that can change our life like it did with the woman who touched the hem of His garment.

I need that touch. We need that touch. Lets make our way to the King.

Until then…

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