Ok, Its a couple of hours before the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) rankings show comes on and this year in college football has been just crazy. Lets not even get into the school up North loosing to Appalachian State (in the big house no less…good for them)… I digress. Anyway, there has been no one to take control of the BCS rankings, it was like if you were number one or number two, it was a curse. Mind you, my beloved Buckeyes were a victim of the number one curse, they fell to a no ranked Illinois in the second to the last game for heavens sake, ending their perfect season.

So after a year were seven number two have fallen, LSU was number one twice and couldn’t hang on to the number that spot, USC getting beat by Standford…come on Stanford? Crazy

Tonight will tell us who is playing who. If the cards fall right, OSU may play LSU for the title game (yes we know what happened to OSU against a SEC team earlier this year…but don’t give up on Tressel)…only time will tell.

Until then we the fans just continue to want a playoff system. A system that works in all other divisions, but Division 1 or whatever they renamed the college divisions. I’m sure you like myself can’t wait to see the GMAC Motor City bowl, or the Blockbuster bowl (do they even play that bowl anymore?) instead of a normal playoff system. Maybe one day we will be able to view this type of playoff bracket…oh sorry but this bracket was put together before the #1 & #2 teams lost…Crazy

until then…

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