Growing up my father was the epitome of giving the helping hand. As a child it used to get me upset because I though at times he did more for others than he did for me…noticed I just said me, (you know those stupid years in our lives). We would be driving home and someone need a tire change or a jump and he would stop to give the helping hand. I had to laugh when I found out that one time in a power outage he directed traffic at a four way stop were the light was out until the police came (which he called by the way).

So growing up I have found myself doing the same things as he did. Giving a helping hand when I could.

So today I at the supermarket after a very stressful day, and after shopping, my truck won’t start. It’s time for a new battery. So this adds to the stress, but hey it’s life and that happens, I’ll deal with it. I go and ask someone can they give me a jump…nope can’t do. I ask someone else…nope can’t do…I ask someone else…this person gives me a dissertation about how he needs to relieve his wife for someting, so long that he could have given me a jump instead! I ask another person…nope! At this point I’m getting a little heated. Can’t someone help me here!?

Ok the parking lot is getting empty and I’m getting cold. Finally I ask someone for help and she does. I couldn’t believe it took so long to get help. Are people scared of a brown hue skinned man? Do people just don’t care, or do they just don’t have the time? By the way everyone I asked was male until the last person. Either way, I thank that good samaritan and long for the days and the people like my dad.

until then…

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