If you read my Blog, follow me on Twitter or happened to be a friend of mine on Facebook, you are well aware of my love for my hometown Cleveland, OH and it’s sports teams.

*Hush it! Not interested in your comments*

I have traveled the United States and abroad in my four decades of life and yes I have fell in love with many other cities and even thought about moving from time to time. But no other place has made me smile like Cleveland has when I’m coming back home via flying  over downtown Cleveland or riding in from the highway. When I see the glow of the city over the horizon…”I’m home”

That being said, my love for it’s sports teams has been….well it’s no secret… It’s been hell for the majority of my life. One of the people I follow on twitter puts it best @GHClevelandSprt bio reads,  “I live in Cleveland. I watch the Browns, Indians, and Cavs. I cry a lot.”

And I concur.

I personally have lived through: The Fumble, The Drive, The Shot The ’95 and even worse ’97 World Series, Modell moving Browns and then winning a Super Bowl, and most recently The Decision.

But hey, I’m loyal…maybe to a fault, but thats who I am and that loyalty is taking in our current turn to favor in Cleveland sports like a fine wine.

My glass is full of…

Payton Hillis Madden Cover ’12 (by the way they had a good draft this year)

The Cleveland Indians at this point have the best record in Major Leage Baseball (to the surprise of us all)

After a horrid season, yesterday the Cavaliers won the lottery and get the #1 and #4 pick in the NBA draft (something about Karma huh?)

So I’m sipping the fine wine slowly and enjoying the robust flavor as I swish it around in my mouth.  So yes Nick Gilbert…“What’s not to like?”

until then…

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