Every year around my birthday I try to remember the past year and reflect. This time I just began to list things I thought of, this year and past years. This list can go on, but this is what was on the top of my mind.

I Remember…

When Tom & Jerry was listed as one of the most violent cartoons
When information wasn’t at your finger tips unless you opened a book
When news wasn’t “real time” or “24 hours” you had to wait until the evening news
When you didn’t know who was calling you on the phone
When the mall was the biggest chat room ever
When we used to have pin pals.
The English language before texting
Playing football on Saturdays from sun up to sun down…outside
Playing outside with imagination
MTV playing music videos
Cassett tapes
TV’s without remotes
Recreating movie scenes with my cousin and our Star Wars action figures
When we only thought Big Brother was watching
Southgate Skates
What I was doing when I heard about space shuttle challenger and Reagan’s
assassination attempt
When teenagers on TV looked like teenagers not twenty something’s
When teenage pregnancy was frowned upon
When you could only see sexual situations on cable or after late night TV
When cell phones were in a bag or couldn’t fit in your pocket
Cabbage Patch Dolls
The Cabbage Patch Dance
Randall Mall
Life before 9/11
“Run Jesse Run”
Wanda Coleman, Chris Hill, Darius Scott, Reggie Meneese, Michelle McKinnie, Leslie Cross
When department stores put Christmas decorations up after thanksgiving, not
The big wheel
My first kiss
Marching in the Memorial Day Parades with the Bearcat Marching Band
Band Camp
Techmo bowl
Nancy Reagans’ war against rap
LA after Rodney King
True Hip Hop
When going to the computer lab was the only way to use a computer
When you made coffee at home and it was only two kinds caffeine or de-caf
Snow suits
92 days during the summer of 1990 at Cleveland State University
Long hair and spandex
When global warming was just a hot day in July
Bedford Hts. Home Days fireworks
Bedford Hts. Pool
Fat Glenns & Vike Nite
Hollywood was Hollywood and the Church was the Church
Life before political correctness
The summer of 1994
More people saying “Merry Christmas” than “Happy Holidays”
Schools before Columbine, Success Tech and Va Tech
When pictures had to be developed
Life before reality shows
Customer Service
Cleveland as a repeat “All-American City”
Personal moments shared with family members no longer with us
Mr. Sullivan before the Raccoon
When Downtown Cleveland was busy
The Flats
Viewing the lights in downtown Cleveland at Christmas

But most of all I remember why people of my like faith enjoy this season. I remember Jesus. I remember his birth, life, ministry and death. And the miracle that is the resurrection. No matter the day or where our culture celebrating Christmas came from I remember Jesus the Christ My Savior. It’s when I forget him; I see how the things I remembered have changed and how that makes me anxious. But with him I have perfect love and that love cast out all fear.

until then…

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