If you follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook you may have seen a picture of me in the hospital or a mention of emergency surgery. This post is to explain what happened and to say THANK YOU for all the support and prayers.

A little over a week ago as of this writing, I began to not feel well and noticed a bump that was making it difficult for me to walk without pain. I made a doctors appointment for the next day and went on about my business. During the appointment the physician told me what the *bump was (which was small at this point) and gave me medication.

*since the bump was small it looked like another issue I was having at the time. So, unknowingly, the medication prescribed only took care of one of my ailments*

As the week went on, I took the medication as prescribed but the small bump was growing, getting harder and more painful. I couldn’t walk, sit, lay or even stand without pain. I couldn’t take it anymore and I needed an answer because I wouldn’t be able to work in that condition, so Sunday I went to urgent care to see what could be done.

It took the Doctor less than a second to tell me I had and infected abscess, that caused all my pain, fever and other negative feelings in my body. He told me the abscess needed to be drained, and if it was caught earlier it could have been lanced (this link is to a video that may be too graphic for some so if you have a weak stomach, you have been advised) but it had grown to much and the skin was too hard to use a local antithetic. After the doctor consulted with others, the best plan of action was to have me admitted to the hospital and surgically take care of the abscess.

I just wanted to get some new meds, go to IHOP and call it a day. But nope, I’m was about to be transported to another local hospital for emergency surgery.

The proper phone calls were made, my wife left service to go with me and more family came to the hospital before I went under the knife. Now you also have to know this would be my very first time having any type of surgery and going under anesthesia. The Doctor said it was a simple procedure, but I was nervous nevertheless.

The operation went as planned and they were able to clean out the abscess (the size of an egg) and left a tube in so it could continue draining for a few days. Once the tube is taken out, the wound will heal and I’m back in business.

I was in the hands of  prayers from family & friends, skilled physicians and competent nurses, but most importantly in the grace my God. That is why I can write to you and say all is well.

It was definitely an experience, one I’m happy is over 🙂

until then…

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