Fitness Recap: Couple of years ago, I started working out. I weighed 215 and lost 25 pounds. I got cocky and ended up gaining most of it back. I tried to go back but it was temporary and left weighing about 200 pounds.

Present Day: Our trainer records us on three categories, Weight – Body Fat % and Water %.  My first week was last week and my numbers were 193 lbs., 28.5% and 51.8% Today was my first to see any results. Typically the first week you can loose 6-8 pounds.  My numbers this week? 188 lbs, 27.9% and 51.8%

Five pounds lost this week and I’m actually only 8 lbs away from my goal.  I would like to say I’m doing this all by myself, but lack of appetite from medication is also a factor.

I’m cool that my goal really is only a coupe of weeks away weight wise, but I have yet to get my wind back. At my peak I could go at least 40 minutes full tilt. Now?… I’m not going to even embarrass myself 🙂 Let’s just say I have a way to go.

Speaking of wind. Still trying to catch mine…I’m going to bed!

until then…

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