Wow, it’s been a few weeks since my last update on my weight ins. So here’s whats happening. I wanted to get to 175 lbs. But by the time I reached 185, I felt OK with how I look and what I had lost (plus my body fat went way down). So I told my instructor, “I’m cool, I’ve reached my goal” We talked about it and she explained that I should get to 180, now that I have started to ease up on the diet plan and beginning to do muscle workouts. I was cool with that, but don’t you know I can’t past 183. Now mind you my mind has slipped from the focus I had before. My workouts are the same, but my eating is different, so it’s like I’m working off what I eat. But again it’s cool for me…I’m happy where I am at this point.

But my clothes just don’t fit at all!!! Mr. Albert’s here I come!!!!

until then…

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