I found this video on a friends Facebook page. I saw the title and started to back away very slowly..but curiosity got the best of me. Yes I’m going to show the video, but I have to say first that I am very, very embarrassed that elected officials, and local personalities got together to make this…homage…to LeBron.  I like the young mans basketball skills, but this is just to much. Sure this may have been in “just” but come on people! Let it be known I do want Bron to stay and I want Cleveland to say they have a ring. But I will not do something like this to someone who just told me I was spolied becuase he only had three bad games in his career and wouldn’t man up and just say the team stunk up the joint in game 5….i digress. Well click on the link to view the video form Break Media.


We are LeBron Video

until then…

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