I designed the above graphic as a reminder to me the words of wisdom of the three most important men in my life. There are so many other men that have imparted wisdom and knowledge, but the three above have had total access in my life.

First, my father (middle) his quote of “don’t half do something, do your best at all times.” is his motto. I can’t say I have lived that always, but the older I get them more I attempt to not be lazy and do what is necessary. My dad laid a good foundation for me to become a man and live a good life…the thing is I was to stupid to realize what he was doing as I was growing up. Dad was the “enemy”…but now with a child of my own, I find myself calling him and apologizing for all the hell I put him through. It was unfortunate in my life, that my lack of discipline with my father caused trouble and heartache with future male figures.
Bishop R. L. Chapman (right) was my pastor as a youth (high school/college). His motto “never let it rest until your good is better, and you better is best.” As a young adult, he constantly ministered to us within that motto. He encouraged all of us to press pass the burn and live life, in God, to it’s purpose. He was a gentile man, soft spoken and humble. His passion was the young adults…we had potential and were willing to learn…he always said it was easier talking to and teaching us than adults because they believe they knew everything. Bishop Chapman had the least interaction out of the three, yet it is his motto I’ve held to the longest.
Bishop G. Allen Dorsey, DD (Left) is my current pastor and mentor. He is the one that has had to deal with me in a way, the first two have not. I didn’t listen to my dad, I was able to put up a front with Bishop Chapman (at least in my eyes…I’m sure he knew me), but working with Bishop Dorsey has encouraged me to deal with all the issues of life I choose to ignore. That would be all good if I choose to deal…I didn’t for so long. Outside of my dad, Bishop Dorsey has had the toughest time in mentoring. He had to deal with a little boy in a grown man’s body. But…my running from “me” has slowed because of him.
All of these men have given me much wisdom…It hurts my heart, that Bishop Chapman will not be able to see the finished product…he left this life some years ago. It is my honor to have these men apart of my life past, present, and future. They say it’s never to late to learn…my push now is to make what was given to me a reality in my life. As my mentors, I strive to be a Man of Valor.
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