Thanks to an invite by the Cleveland Indians I had the opportunity to be apart of their Tribe Social Deck. What is it you may ask? Well it’s a set aside, Wi-Fi enabled venue for 10 tweeters/ bloggers to meet and greet and report on the events at an Indians game. Though they gave us some in between inning press type kit, and our very own “press box,” we didn’t have access to players or managers like conventional reporters.

So my dad and I, by the way it was his first baseball game ever, arrive at Gate B, which is next to the home run porch, and get escorted to the left of the gate and section 180. We see an actual wood deck with two rows of five seats. The corner office is enclosed for the home run porch via banners letting everyone know who is sitting in the invite only corner.

After a warm greeting by the Tribe’s social media PR guy @tribetalk we took a seat and begin watching the game, with a flat screen for replay convenience. I began twitting about the experience @darrenwcarter and saw a tweet from Alison Edward @alisonedward11 letting me know she was also a guest of the Tribe Social Deck. So go figure, an instant connection.

It’s one thing to be invited to a place carved out just for you, but when the prospect of rain was in the forecast the Indians provided a suite and escorted us there so we wouldn’t get wet. It was there we spent the rest of the game.

This has been a great success for the Indians organization. Considering they have had no marketing of this project, they have a long waiting list for invites. The very media they chose to accommodate is the very media that is spreading the word with outlets like Twitter, Facebook and personal Blogs.

News has changed and the way we receive it has changed. Thanks to the Cleveland Indians and their Tribe Social Deck, they have not skipped a beat.

I encourage you to check out the social deck. It is the only one in Major League Baseball. For more information on the Tribe Social Deck, check out the Indians website.

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