I consider myself  a  loyal person. Maybe sometimes to a fault, but for the majority of the time is all good. I have been blogging for three years now and I have used Blogger to host my blog A Day In The Life Of  The Darren. Many of you have seen it and it has been changed over the years, but there was this new kid on the block, WordPress. Many people have told me to switch and that is is better than Blogger, but as a loyalist I refused to change. I really saw no reason to.

Last night, as I stayed awake all night, I was tweaking my blog I decided to see if the grass was greener on the other side. I finally registered for WordPress and now A Day In The Life Of  The Darren is in stereo on both sites until I figure out which one is more convenient for me. The interesting thing is I started blogging the same way three years ago…up all night couldn’t sleep and had a terrible cold. So maybe this is the start of a long relationship, who knows but until then….let’s enjoy the journey.

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