Back in the 80’s there was an commercial ad campaign against drug use that had someone hold an egg and say “This is your brain” they then crack the egg and put it in a hot skillet and say as the egg is frying feverishly “This is your brain on drugs….any questions?”

As a teenage that really made me shy away from wanting to try drugs *snicker* I mean why would I want my brain to fry like a egg I ate every morning? *bent over laughing* That commercial really put me on the right track! *ROTFLMBO*

No really, the fear of Dad and Mom Carter took care of that problem.

Of course they were describing illegal herb but I don’t think they knew the joys of prescribed pharmaceuticals. For those of you that frequent this blog *really appriciate by the way :)* know part of my treatment for adult ad/hd is a medicinal regiment. For those that don’t, now you know and knowing is half the battle *yes, another 80’s commercial catch phrase*. One of the side effects is insomnia. And last night it was in full manifestation.

The military isn’t the only one that does more before 6 AM than moat people do in their entire day.

For instance

Got home from work at 3:30 am, let the dog out and played with him, changed clothes and had an in depth conversation with my wife, washed/folded/put-a- way two large loads of clothes *and I don’t fold let alone put the laundry up*, updated my resume and sent it out to atleast ten companies, cleaned my room, put a mini plan together for my business and made a video post for this blog all while tweeting with friends. Finished before 8:30 am *Ok it wasn’t six but you catch my drift*

Now I did manage about an hour of real sleep everything else was just a nice rest, but I’m good. I don’t know about that fried egg but my brain on drugs isn’t that bad of a concept.

until then…

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