For those of you who have kept up with my posting, you will remember I was doing a weekly “Weigh In” post. I would up date you on how my weight loss program was going. If you noticed…there hasn’t been any weigh in posts for quite sometime. I didn’t just fall off the band wagon…I jumped off, when I was on a hill mind you. I lost 23pounds and gained back 17.

Last week I got back in touch with my trainer and promised her I would be back on Monday. So to my word I woke up Monday morning at 5:30am to prepare for my 6:00am workout for 45 minutes. I was pumped! I was going through the routines in my head and blasting a little Ol School Hip Hop to get me moving. I was ready!

I made it Stay Fit Stay Jazzy and in the door I went. My trainer was glad to see me and some of the people who still worked out at the time greeted me with a smile as they lifted those legs and bounced around the facility. I stretched a little and step to the floor and began my work out. But something was a little different. First off when looking in the mirror, the reflection was bigger than last seen. With the man boobs and poked out belly it look as though I had a face under my shirt. My legs didn’t move as fast or as high as when I last worked out. My knees looked me dead in the face and said “you want to bend what?” When we started running laps I was lapped twice by a couple of people my parents age. Oh the horror!

Then it happened…not even fifteen minutes into the workout, my shins began to tighten and burn…I mean BURN!!! If I may digress…when I first started working out before, I had the same shin problem. I don’t know why I didn’t think it would happen again…especially since I was overweight again. Back to present day…anyway, my shins were hurting to the point I had to stop. Yes stop. My little bubble of jumping back in the saddle was shot down with a missile grenade. I had to go in the back room and lay on the floor in pain and stretch my shins out. So embarrassing.

I did come back and finished the last 15 minutes of the work out, but with a humbled demeanor. I limped out of the gym, got in my car put on Smokie Norful’s “I need you now” and drove home.

Tomorrow I go back for my 6:00am workout. I may not have the music on, I may not go over the routines in my head, but I’m going…knowing that the pain I still feel is what I get for stopping in the first place.

until then…

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