I was in a conversation recently about health and well being. A few weeks ago I joined a aerobics group with my wife. She has been exercising for awhile and I have always said, “I’ll join, just wait”. Well I did. The hardest aspect of the routine is the difference in eating. No pork, beef, fried foods!!! No sweets or my favorite CORNBREAD (I love Jiffy cornbread)!!! but I digress…

In the conversation I mentioned how expensive it is to eat healthy (have you been to a Whole Foods store lately?). So I decided to look in my freezer to see if I made any sense.

I have 2 pounds of hamburger (that I want to grill so bad) and some boneless, skinless chicken breast (very healthy).

Now with the hamburger, I can have meals all week long. Meatloaf, hamburger and fries, spaghetti and meatballs…just to name a few things. With the chicken breast, I can maybe get two meals out of the three breast depending on how it is prepared.

Take a look at the cost of both…

If I’m on a budget, the hamburger is the one to buy. It will last me longer for less. But the grease will clog my arteries for months.

For so many families they have to make this choice everyday, cost or health. Not just in foods, but products. The safer products are usually the most expensive. Remember when air bags were only in high class vehicles?

Now my statements are general, but next time you’re out shopping, check prices on the good and the bad…just something to think about.

until then…

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