Oookay. Let’s see…Monday was the kick-off for our county books at Yellow Book, Tuesday was prep day in the office (all day) Wednesday we continued to prep, (but I went home sick) Thursday I tried to do a little in the field, but couldn’t stay out, Friday was the first day back out full day and it was cold and snowed! Saturday was catch up day, I had to get my truck worked on and had to get my peepers checked (had to get new contacts….thank goodness for invisible four eyes) and Sunday….ah Sunday. Since I missed our Prophets Night on Thursday I couldn’t wait to hear what the Lord had to say on Sunday..and my expectation wasn’t cut off. We have been on a teaching on the Outer Court, the Inner Court and the Holy of Holies. Today we were taught on Passover. I so appreciate our pastors. They don’t let our color, race, creed or even single minded religious teaching stop them from giving us the full word of God. Not just new or old testaments, not just Acts 2:1-4 or doctrines of baptism that split denominations, but the full word of the Lord…ok..I digress. Today was a good day!

For the upcoming week I have to hit the streets hard in my sales territory. I have some long term goals (30 sales in six months…I need 28) and a short term goal of 8 sales in about thirty days. I will keep you abreast on my status but not hitting them for me, is not a option. So when I hit…we will celebrate!

Until Then…

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