I don’t know if you had one of those experiences that you just say “what the ham fat!?!” but today I did. But before I mention that,I had the same experience way back in college. I was walking from the gym heading back to the dorm after working out…which I need to get back into doing, I digress. Anyway, I was walking back from the gym and passing all these cars as I strolled the pathway and when I was about to pass this car I heard the car doors lock. I stopped and turned around and saw this middle aged white women trying not to look at me but was terrified. I wanted to go and scare her even more, but I felt sorry for her. Hey I was minding my on business, not even close to her car….but I understood.

Step into the now and today. I was coming home from church and picking up something to eat at one of my favorite soul food places. My car is parked across the street and I’m on my way to get in my car to go home. Its a slow street so I’m crossing in the middle where my vehicle is and when I was about to go behind a car a white lady, again, locked the doors as I was passing by…passing by not stopping. My mind went right back to college and some of the other issues I’ve come across being a black man. Now I understood when I was in school, young black man probably looking mean and tired. But today nicely dressed…gray haired 40 year old just coming out of a restaurant. This time I was offended and I’m a easy go lucky type of guy. I turned around and looked at her as to say “what the hell!?!” and she flipped me the bird. Man, I was floored and couldn’t do nothing but laugh. I waved goodbye  and got in my car continuing to laugh and just reflected on the fact that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

until then…

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