“America used to live by the motto “Father Knows Best.” Now we’re lucky if “Father Knows He Has Children.” We’ve become a nation of sperm donors and baby daddies.” ― Stephen Colbert, I am America


If you take a poll, many people will agree with what Mr. Colbert said. I, on the other hand do not. There are many different realities when it comes to what is real and what’s not. My reality was I grew up in a home with both parents…who just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary…and many of my friends in school and church had the same. Yes there was the absentee father or the dead beat dad, but that wasn’t my reality. So which one is right? Mr. Colbert’s or mine. The question can go either way, but I can tell you Fathers are prevalent today and I dare say more involved than ever when it comes to their children.

No we aren’t in the days of “Father Knows Best” due to our societal changes. Mothers are out in the workforce, we now have “stay at home dads” and where the media would like to portray many black men as bad father figures more and more support through social media is beginning to dispel theories.

There are countless blogs written by great dads out there. For example MochaDad, Makes Me Wanna Holler, and Dr. Mr. Man to name a few that promote not only being a dad, but knocking down the myths of black fatherhood. Other blogs like AaronConrad, DadofDivas and Goforthsjournal are again a few of the bloggers out there showing fatherhood in a positive light. And I’m glad to know each one of these dads.

Fathers today are winning the custody battle like my high school friend Reggie Johnson. He and others won the battle to keep their children, which isn’t an easy feat even though it has gotten somewhat relaxed.

I have friends that have openly taken in other men’s children and treated them like their very own…no questions asked. Loved them, covered and protected them all as if they were their own seed.

No man is perfect as is no father. I’ve seen bad men be good fathers and the reverse as well. But the bottom line is fathers are important.

The modern father comes in many shapes and sizes, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. He is President of the United States, Fortune 500 executive, laborer or even a stay at home dad. But the prevailing thread is the love, care, protection, instruction and betterment of their children that makes us the best fathers we can be.


That is my reality. If you look closely you may see it too.

until then…

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