I have to say, as a child in my neighborhood, we played outside from sun up to sun down. Not until we were in our teenage years, did home video games become popular so we still did most of our playing outside. Football in the streets, spades in somebody’s backyard, bike riding down the “bone crusher”…which was great in the winter for sledding….and numerous other outdoor activities.

I was taken back to that time this morning when I saw a group of kids playing kick ball in their yard. Kick Ball! Wow…I haven’t seen that game played in years. I had to stop for a minute and watch them play and enjoy them…enjoying life. These group of kids remind me of my neighborhood growing up. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, they are up and down the street to each others houses having the time of their lives. Something I thought was lost. Or maybe just to focused on other things that I hadn’t stopped to savor some moments. Either way I’m glad some kids haven’t lost the imagination and activity of outside play.

To all those children that love to play outside instead of watching TV and playing video games all day…I salute you! Play on!

until then…

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