I remember two very important milestones I wanted to accomplish in my youth.

  1. Do wheelies on a bike
  2. Drive

My neighbor, now known as Djmarz, taught me how to ride a bike so I could do wheelies. *which I wasn’t the best at sad to say* I think I was 10 or 11, I was a late learner. I can’t remember who taught me how to drive *forgive me if you are reading this post :(*. I was also late to get my licence. I was 18.

I’m not popping anymore wheelies, but I am still driving. Somehow over the years with weather conditions, fender benders, accidents, suspension and a long line of speeding tickets, the glory of driving has faded.

Until recently.

All the, used to be, little people in my life are growing up and now I’m helping my daughter and goddaughter learn how to drive. I’ve been able to take my daughter out a few times and my goddaughter once so far. Watching their reactions while attempting to control a 4, 255 pound truck reminds me of the many feelings I used to get. All the anxiety, sweaty hands, the pit of butterflies in my stomach…good times.

But of course the fear that come with the dangers of the road make me wonder why do we allow them to learn so young? Especially when they have so many distractions past the radio now a days. But when I think of constant picking up and dropping off…I stop being sentimental and leave just enough of that thought to remind me to teach safety above all and quickly see when they want to go back out again.

Both will get better with their road skills and not to many days from now driving tests will be passed and two of the biggest smiles will grace brand new State of Ohio Drivers Licences.

Good Luck Sweeties!

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