I’m not one to go tit for tat in conversations that deal with race, religion or politics. If you have been a follower of my blog for sometime you will get a sense of where I stand on all three issues, but in forums outside of this one, I’m hesitant to offer my opinion because it is that…my opinion. Those types of conversations lead to all types of craziness and words that are spoken or written are hateful and down right offensive.

But….recently a friend (who is white) that I grew up with, asked this question on Facebook.  “If black people are “African-American”,then why are White people still “White”? I know where Africa is, where is the country White?” I thought he was just bored or something, I couldn’t believe the question, but maybe that was just me. Some of you reading this may ask, “what’s the problem with the question?” When I found out he was serious, I had to ask myself “was it that big of a deal?”

I really was going to leave it alone until I began reading some of the responses. I didn’t think people had some of the same mindsets that so many people had fought to change. Needless to say, they do and my two main responses (yes I broke my own rule of adding my two cents) were taken as “eloquent”, yet I was on a “tangent,” but all I did was answer the question.

That caused me to think on what is going on in the minds of today’s people? For me, my faith causes me to look at people according to their character and more importantly our becoming brothers and sisters in Christ. I also know there are differences in cultures. That’s just a fact, but that doesn’t cause me to see color.

I have a past and present where color has been an issue in my life. From being called oreo in elementary school because I had white and black friends (at one time my best friend was white). To a militant NAACP college chapter President and leader of a college sit-in, to being the token black guy in the work place. And of course being called every racial slur in the book.

So I have decided to have a few of my friends from the blogsphere help me with some insight. In my next post I will have a panel of bloggers I respect answer some questions regarding race. This will be new for them and me because we have not had conversations regard race, just conversations. So I am looking forward to their responses as well.

Continue to check back for what I believe will be an informational post and I look for your involvement by leaving a comment and sharing your thoughts.

until then…

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