I haven’t really posted in a while and I had so much to say and write. It was all planned, everybody would have been so moved and or inspired by what I wrote….but it never happened.

I was going to write about our recent primary here in Cuyahoga County with the change of government and how low the voter turnout was and how the system hasn’t changed much if at all, along with the lost of faith for the system I felt after the said primaries…but I never turned on the computer.

I wanted to talk about how bitter I still was in regards to “The Decision” and how my thoughts years ago on how this would play out, played out. Moreover I was going to write about how people in my fair city acted a fool and how they put their economic hope in one sports figure rather than the people they elected into office….pen never hit paper.

Being a dad with the joys and pains of parenting a teenager and helping with my godson was going to be one of the best post ever…fingers didn’t touch the keyboard to type.

I was going to expound on how my life was so crazy I was going to walk away from everything…and I mean everything. Well, I may just share that one soon.

These were the Greatest Posts Never Written

until then…

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