If you haven’t figured by now…

I love my BIRTHDAY!!

I’ve always been that way but for many different reasons. When I was younger it was because I got presents and the next week was Christmas, so more presents! As a young adult the presents became one present for both birthday and Christmas but the attention and partying was all on point. And as a adult, I love celebrating life in general.

This year was a difficul in many ways, more challenging than any other year to date. Lets go down the roll.

  • I’ve lost many friends and love ones this year. Seemingly more than ever. Grief overload to the max
  • I had my own “life flashing before my eyes” moment when I was rushed to the hospital for chest pains.
  • After 20 plus years of faithful membership and service, I left my church home.
  • After 14 years of marriage my wife and I separated.
  • I had a real issues with my own mortality this year. Life didn’t seem so guaranteed like before.

You get where I’m going here? Those were the heavy hitters, I can list triple of the other stuff.


With all of those life issues, I still find myself on the winning end.

  • I lost loved ones, yet I’m still here to keep them alive in my thoughts and actions.
  • My chest pains weren’t heart related and I was given a clear bill of heath with my ticker.
  • I have found a new church home and have begun the healing process to continue my purpose in Christ
  • Theresa and I have a great friendship and situations have come to play where I have been given the opportunity to fix many of the things I broke during our marriage.
  • My issues with my own mortality has made me even the more grateful for everyday life. Each moment is precious and I’m learning to embrace life more and more each and everyday.

And I did something I never thought I do…I wrote a book. I plan to release it early next year.

It may seem crazy to many the way I treat my birthday, but for me…It’s never big enough.

For the last few years I ask people on Facebook and Twitter what song they think I should use for a theme song for the upcoming year.  I will announce the winning song in another post, but this video which was made by a friend of mine Keith Sudberry will always be #1.



until then…


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