I preface this post by saying that I have called my parents on many occasions and apologized to them for my childhood misdemeanors…

You know age is creeping up on you when you feel, the younger generation just doesn’t get it (even though they don’t). I have a teenage daughter and I come into contact with her friends and others in her age group. My daughter is a very special young lady…but she’s a teenager. People kept saying “oh daughters are wonderful…but wait until they reach the teenage years, you won’t know them until they are near their twenties”

I remember when I was younger and my parents used to put the Twinkies on top of the fridge. O’l crafty me thought that if I took some Twinkies (which I couldn’t have) from the back of the box no one would notice, because it would appear to still be full…when dad came home and picked a Twinkie out of the box without even looking in the box…he knew they weren’t all there! How did he know that!! I had much time to contemplate that while the belt was becoming good friends with my bottom side. Long story short…my dad had been there, done that. Now as parents, our children forget that we been there done that.

We as parents like to say, things were different back in our day. Now to a degree it was, but when I listen to some of our old school music I hear the sexual tones the violent nature and so on. Now T.V. has changed. The moral decay over the airwaves have made it hard to keep a steady ship with our teens. So dealing with all of this and attempting to “train a child as they should go” can send you nuts! With all the tech gadgets in this generation its hard to keep the attention of a teenager, let alone have time to teach fundamentals of life, because you know “One Tree Hill, and Flavor of Love is coming on”.

And what’s in today’s food? Greg Olden (former OSU basketball player) looks like a 40 year old man and he’s not even twenty! You have middle school aged girls looking like they are trying to get a photo shoot with FHM Magazine…Crazy

I don’t want to get to long winded, but I guess I just had to vent. Sometimes you just want your teenager to listen (as our parents before us…see preface note) and understand that we aren’t the enemy…we’re parents, keepers of the “because I said so” card…lord’s of the “call you from downstairs to come upstairs to go back downstairs to get a glass of water”….parents.

As I mentioned earlier, people have said, you lose teenagers until their early twenties….well is it possible to do a Rip Van Winkle for a few years??

until then…

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