Well, I must say that this was a very busy but productive weekend for our household. Some time ago I wrote a post called “Fruits of Labor”. It mentioned three teenagers my wife and I have the pleasure of working with in three important areas of their lives: personal, academic, and spiritual. That small group has grown into a group of eight and all but one spent the weekend with us interacting one with another. We had special guests come and speak to them regarding education; one-on-ones dealing with goals and loads of laughing and fun!

Saturday night we had a business meeting at our home which took us thru the evening. Our daughter went to a friend’s birthday party, but we had to pick her up because she felt ill. So by the time we all got back home, we were beat and as soon as we hit the bed I was dreaming.

Sunday was, as usual, a high time in church service and later that night was our Super Bowl Party. Most of the teens that were here for the weekend came back and a few other friends watched and we waited to see if history was going to be made. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you the outcome.

It was one of the best weekends I can think of in a while. It also helped that I beat one of the young ones in Madden 06…I still got skills :o)

Here’s a few pics of the weekend.

until then…
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