This past weekend, Cleveland hosted the Wizard Comic Con for comic book fans. And yes, if not for being snowed in, Joseph and I would have been there in full costume!

The two of us often play as super heroes like Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the like. We have super hero team-ups and save the day. We are big fans of the Teen Titans, Justice League, and of course, the Avengers. I have called him my Super Son, and in return he has called me, Super Dad!


Super Dad…Not so much.

Though I love the fact my son considers me a Super Dad, I know the realities of life will make his statement, as he now knows it, not to be true.  I’m a flawed parent who has and will make mistakes. I can’t be everywhere at any time, and my protection can’t cover him when I’m not with him as he grows up. I know he will have to fall in life, and there are things he must go through, which I know will hurt emotionally and physically. There may be a time he needs me, but I won’t be able to fly as fast as a speeding bullet or web sling across the city.

Super Dad…It can happen.

Those may be the realities of life, but it’s not my kryptonite. Life happens, but I can love him past the best of my abilities, grow with him, realize when I’m wrong and correct myself (something I learned from my daughter), and always reinforce my love for him by making sure he knows he is always in my heart and prayers. I can also avoid getting caught up in “me” especially when it’s all about him at this time in his life, and just be available for him at all times possible.

Like my daughter, I’m sure our relationship will have its highs and lows. In time I hope he sees I may not be super dad, but I am dad who loves him unconditionally without fail.


Until then…

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