“They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. I’m finding out trying to continue something you no longer have a passion for can be added to this definition.
Time to change some things…” – Darren W Carter

I wrote that quote on earlier this year on Facebook. It dealt with many things but this post is about one in particular. I started InTouch Computer Specialists, LLC in 2001…really on a whim. The focus was going to be on computer repair/upgrades and instruction. I even quit my job at the time. Ohhh to have those days back. Nevertheless the first few years were terrible. I was reluctant to go back into the workforce which hampered my family’s growth financially. I did get smart and return but still tried to make InTouch possible. During this period I began messing with PhotoShop. I was never an artist, but I was always good with manipulation of objects to make flyers. That was the beginning of InTouch Design and for the following years the biggest (relativity speaking) earning arm of my company until my wife branched off into software development contracting.

Over the years I had a steady flow of customers and I grew in the craft. I also began working with video editing during that time. Seeing your work on display was nothing less than pure satisfaction. Yet over the last two years it seems designing was harder to do. I didn’t know why but when people were calling me…I just wasn’t that eager anymore to do the work. I did it, but I wasn’t into it.

This was always a side hustle because I never got it to be the 9 to 5 replacement I thought it would be. I can go into many reasons that may not have happened, but for now they are lessons learned. The main reason is I lost the passion for that craft.

InTouch Design wasn’t bringing in the satisfaction it once was. It was harder to think outside the box with designs. I just wasn’t focused on continuing that path.

That is where the quote comes in…it is time to change some things.

I have pulled back and even stopped taking on new work with designing however big or small the project. I’ve pondered this decision for quite sometime and I guess what took me over was that my external hard drive that has all my original files for all my clients died and the cost to recover those many files may not be worth it. Maybe that was my sign to start over.

So InTouch Design (for now) is no longer.

Who knows what the future holds, but for now I guess I have to take graphic designer out of my bios 🙂

until then…

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