Two things occured this past week that had me take a trip down memory lane. One…I attended a cotillion for my neice and Two…I took my nephew to get fitted for his senior prom tuxedo.

Those two, plus my daughter, god daughter along with a few more cousins, nieces and nephews are all in the teenage years (I have some soon to follow), and it seemed like yesterday they were running around the church having the time of their lives without a care in the world. Of course we as parents were yelling for them to sit down.

I remember them in strollers, bobbie socks and Easter suits where the tie is attached to the shirt. I thought about the laughter I received when I attempted to braid my daughter or god daughters hair. I pondered on how they never wanted to be left alone and how their innocent laughter changed the direction of the day. And one by one remembering the first days of school and many of their life’s milestones.

Never forgotten is my nephew who is no longer with us..he left us with a lifetime of precious memories.

They are maturing and they don’t need us to dress them or do their hair *thank goodness* and for the most part they want to be left alone. Their laughter and smiles are reserved for those on the other end of the cell phone text or call. And sometimes we’re not the first to know a milestone in their life. But that’s the circle of life and I (along with others) are at that difficult time where you know you have to pull back to let them take the next steps in their personal journey, but you also want to see them running around as kids without a care in the world again.

*deep sigh*

Two things occurred this past week that helped me deal with the pulling pack process. One…I looked at their pictures as little kids accompanied with a hearty laugh and maybe a tear and Two…Baby J and I brushed our teeth together.

It was his first time.

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until then…

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