A couple of post ago I told you of a day that was life changing for me. Since then life just looks different. There is a new perspective in what I see, with that I see what mess I have caused in the past, I see the hurt and broken pieces, as well as how the things that are so dear to me…separated from me. Some may get reconnected, but some are lost forever. Yet, in all that, I also see how God has kept me and has given me numerous exits that at the time I didn’t take, but I am just thankful this exit I took. It is my hope that time will help clean the mess and forgiveness of others…even if things aren’t the exactly the same.

Today in service the word of the Lord was powerful. My pastor was ministering on Mary Magdalene, her anointing Jesus’ feet and her going to the tomb after his resurrection. When she saw him, He told her to tell the disciples of his resurrection and His to ascending to the Father. What got me was John 20:20 (amplified bible) So saying, He showed them His hands and His side. And when the disciples saw the Lord, they were filed with joy (delight, exultation, ecstasy, rapture). I like the last word rapture. I know that the rapture is spoken of in the book of Thessalonians and that is what will be, but out of this message I learned that once you are in a dark place (sin,unbelief etc.), but you die to that dark place, you become alive in God and you are taken or “raptured” to another place. I’m talking spiritually here, not naturally.

I hope I’ve given this some type of justice. But I can understand how the disciples felt. There (the disciples) hope was hung on a cross. My life at time felt hopeless. Their hope came back to fulfil their promise…and He came back to fulfil mine.

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