In the words of Florida Evans “Damn, Damn, Damn!!!”

Had a eye exam this past Saturday. It was a little over do and I was really wanting to get more contacts and a new pair of glasses. I figure, my sight hasn’t changed much in the last few years so I wasn’t expecting the outcome of my exam to be any different than the last few.

As for my contacts, I had one prescription for both eyes…now? Two different strengths and both have increased. Not by much, but still.

The kicker came when I was getting my exam for glasses. The doctor asked me what I did for a living and told him I was a graphic designer and he asked me did I have to lift my glasses or move things closer when reading…I hesitantly replied “yyyeeeaassss” His answer, “that’s what I thought, I’m going to prescribe beginner bifocals” What!? Bifocals!!

First of all what in the ham fat are beginner bifocals? Are they training wheels or something? Second of all I’m only 40. The grey is bad enough now Benjamin Franklin has to creep up in my life with his invention? Just not right. Third, my contacts will not be bifocal *thank goodness* but I may need to get those half lens reading glasses. *smh*

Look I’m all for taking after my dad but in time, *no offense dad, love ya dude!* not now. Geez!

Now I will say this, if I have to wear bifocals I will make sure the lenses are smooth and not show that extra magnified bubble.

Lastly, the doctor tried to cheer me up and say other wise you eyes look very good! Thanks doc, they may look good *they are the best looking pair of brown eyes I’ve seen* they just don’t see very well.

until then…

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