Yesterday I did something that I thought I’d never do in my lifetime. I mean you couldn’t pay me to do what I did. In my mind, hell would have to freeze before I would even considered doing what I did. It just wasn’t going to happen…Ever!

But something changed…

In one of my earlier post I talked about my status with my ADHD treatment. One good thing the medication is helping with is decluttering my head. My thought processes are changing and what seemed to be overwhelming and undo-able, has became less daunting and possibly bearable.

Just last week I cleaned the kitchen…stop laughing and hear me out…not just the dishes but I washed every wall and baseboard, cleaned the oven and stove, pulled out the stove and refrigerator and got those spots, cleaned every cabinet, window and mopped the floor and finally did the dishes. Oh and I can’t forget I did a couple of loads of clothes during the process. This took me sometime, but it didn’t phase me like it would have in the past. My wife has done this before and I have done sections, but never have I completed the whole project by myself. I would have reorganized the cabinets if it weren’t so late….I was on a roll!

But that isn’t what has me all geeked…

The apartment building I work at has 18 floors, and during rounds throughout the night I have to walk every floor. I usually take the elevator up to the 18th floor and work my way down by walking from one end of the building to the next down the stairs to the 1st floor. Today was weird and after reading a message on Facebook I got motivated and told myself  to try something different. So I decided to not take the elevator up to the top floor…I was going to start from 1st floor and work my way up walking from one end of the building to the next until I reached the top.

And I did it!

My legs stung a little and I was winded somewhat, but I felt like Rocky when he ran up the stairs of the Art Museum.

Crazy part is I actually considered taking the stairs down back to the first floor! Gladly, that didn’t last long, I looked down the hall, smacked myself in the face and pushed the down button to call the elevator.

For someone who will wait 10 minutes or more to take the elevator to the second floor, this was a huge step for me. The fact I was not overwhelmed or felt it to big to at least try almost had me in tears.

So I’ve now decided to add that as part of my workout while I’m at work. For the days I work I will do at least one round with walking up the steps. That along with walking the property should help me in my goal to a healthier lifestyle.

Eighteen floors!! I’m still geeked!!

until then…

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