Ok, so I’m a tech geek…I can’t help it. I love my toys and my Treo 650 is my favorite. Let me say that I did drop a jaw when I saw the introduction of the iPHONE from Apple on last week. The geek in me wants it now, but my loyalty (at this point) is with Palm. Of course it doesn’t hurt that you can only get the iPHONE on the cingular network….I digress. I love the fact I can have a mini pc at my finger tips. Whether I’m checking email and reading attachments, or browsing the web while I’m on the road I find myself never leaving home without it. Before my treo, I had the Palm Pilot along with my cell phone…such a pain, attempting to look up client contacts information from one device and calling on another device…not a beautiful thing!

Now I must say that there are some draw backs for me. The email service doesn’t have “push technology” meaning I have to tell my treo to get my mail instead of it coming automatically to the phone. Also the phone has no GPS. With some software upgrades, some of my issues can be addressed, but at a cost.

All in all, my treo keeps my life at my finger tips. In another few months or so I would love to upgrade to the 700…unless the iPHONE comes to the sprint network :o)

Until Then…

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