Yep that’s me on the right. I was working out three times a week following my meal plan and everything.  Before I got to this point I was 210 lbs. I bottomed out at 185 lbs. Twenty-five pounds lighter and feeling wonderful. But I got caught up in my own success. I began to veer of the meal plan, my schedule became hectic and money became tight. Drama popped up and next thing you know, I started missing a day here and there and that became two days then weeks. Next thing you know all those 25 lbs. began to creep back every so slowly.

My new smaller shirts and thinner waist pants began to fit that much more snug, I was becoming a candidate for Men’s Body Magic, but I knew I could just get back and get into the routine of things….You know that didn’t happen.

I’m happy to say, I didn’t gain “all” my pounds back, but for me it’s close enough.

But I bring all this up because I have been talking about going back (especially before the New Year’s rush) and lo and behold I get a call from my trainer Stacey Robinson. She was nice and told me of someone who could use my graphic design services and then she lit into me. I wasn’t safe and neither was my wife and all I could do was laugh and say “your right Stacey, you will see me soon.” Of course she didn’t accept that, she wanted a date. I missed that date, but I had good reason. But, now I’m geared up and ready to step into the gym at Stay Fit & Stay Jazzy once again.

I like the way I looked at 185 lbs, so I”m shooting for 180. Like before I will update you when I do my weekly weigh ins and hopefully it won’t take to long. I know who am I kidding right!?!

until then…

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