Well, every blue moon I get the urge to change my design for my blog header. If I’m not mistaken this is only the third time I have changed the header since I began this blog in 2007. I do have a common theme and that’s my face up front and personal. Some may call this vain, but to each his own. Truth be told I attempted to have family on with me but they declined. So you see them in various posts.

If we had this technology when I was a teenager, I would not been this bold. I was such an introvert that I didn’t even like looking at myself in the mirror; let alone liking what was underneath the reflection. I was a confused, suicidal boy. But that boy has grown up to be a confident Godly man…and…I like what I am…and what I see.

So I hope you like the new header…drop a line let me know what you think.

until then…

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