Many people have different reasons for blogging. People don’t understand why I do it. Even maybe after reading the following story, they still won’t understand, but this is why I blog:

I heard a voice. It was deep and full of body. The kind of voice that you feel when you hear it, the kind of voice that encompasses all sounds of music and nature all in one…a familiar voice.

It said “Darren Wayne Carter, come here son…it’s time” I made my way to the voice that was familiar. I was pretty giddy I must say. I was enjoying my time were I was, been there for quite sometime and the possibilities of life were manifesting without fail.

I had to focus, because when the voice was speaking directly to you, there was nothing else of importance, just what was being said. “Son” it said. “yes,” I said. “I have equipped you to succeed in your journey, you have what is needed to make a difference in the lives of the people you come in contact with, you..” and the voice went on explained all I was capable of in life. Then the voice said “If you follow my voice nothing will hinder you my son, I will always be with you, guiding you, but you have to listen. I love you…It’s time.”

Next thing I know I’m pulled for my place of bliss and I was losing the words of wisdom spoken to me. Next thing I know there is a bright light, a man in a mask, and then I felt a sting in the back of me that made me want to shout, but I couldn’t. I just cried.

That day was December 16, 1969. The day I was born.

The above story, in which I took creative liberty, is what I think it was like in Heaven before I was born. In the care of God with my potential at its peak. I wasn’t stripped of the gifts or potential, outside influences and circumstances help me not realize what was there.  But I didn’t forget the voice, the voice of the Lord. The voice that I was told to follow, but many times did not.

This is why my journey exists. A quest to recapture the possibilities in Christ by following the voice of the Lord.

Many of us blog for many different reasons. I write about my life issues and triumphs. It is my hope that the transparency in my life can help or bring perspective to someone in the same stage of life. No one is perfect, and we all have some type of journey we’re in the midst of completing. My hope is that as I listen to the Lord and live out of my potential, someone will be helped or motivated to do the same.

We have fun on the way and you never know what touches a person. So I just share. And I hope you continue to come back and visit every once and a while and share with me.

until then…

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