Two things about me that I love and make me very special. I’m Black and I’m Left Handed. It is also those two things that have caused issues from others all my life.

I’m a believer God makes you just like he wants to. He gives you the basics and it is up to you to grow what He has given (see parable of the talents Matt. 25: 14-28). And He made me as I am.

This post is about me being a lefty. Since a young age, people have attempted to change that about me. My parents tried a little, but left it alone. Growing up in school no one knew how to teach a left hander to write so I was pushed aside a little, but graded on the low end for neatness or lack thereof :o) At one point I was even ambidextrous! During recess when I was in class with another lefty, Tony Leprotti, we could never play on the same side in softball because there was only one left handed baseball glove. I bat right and kick right but throw left and play racquetball and tennis lefty…and I golf right. Why?…no one took the extra time to teach something they didn’t understand. When you are only about 5 to 15 percent of the population it’s easy to get overlooked.

But things have since changed. Many products that have caused us lefties a fit are now made especially for us. Websites like carry items from pens, kitchen utensils to guitars. There are books not that help in teaching a child how to write left handed, and if I need a new baseball glove, there is a whole section to choose from.

There are so many interesting facts about left handers, and you would be surprised at who in history was proud to carry the tag of southpaw. But as for me, the most famous lefty of all, I’m just glad God made me like He wanted to.

Ok, this is a cheese video, but good information :o)

until then…

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