For years my city has been the butt of jokes. I have even gotten to the point of wanting to leave myself. The older I have become the worse it seems this city has fallen. Yet here I am. Don’t get me wrong NYC has called many times, but no matter where I have traveled…when I fly in or drive in and see the city’s skyline…I’m home. This city is in prime position to rise from it’s ashes and become the vibrant place I remembered as a youth. We need somethings to happen for us and progressive minded thinkers in places of power, but those things are shaping up and I believe and know we will be back. Northeast Ohio has many great and kind people, and these people deserve more.

With that, I have seen so many videos that have portrayed Cleveland as a crazy town, when I found this one I had to share. C-Town is my town and I’m going to do my part to spread the news!

until then…

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