Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic. – Unknown


Sometime ago a friend of mine Aaron Conrad wrote on his blog a invite or challenge to #BeBrave. That can mean many different things to people but basically you have to move out that comfort zone in life and be brave. I thought I was taking that leap when I decided to go skydiving this year, but that was really just superficial, nothing compared to the courage of what I’m about to embark in.

For those of you that follow me on Facebook or Twitter you have seen my journey with my diagnosed ADHD among other challenges I have faced the last year. Many have gotten better but I haven’t quite gotten over the hump with it all. The ADHD has really been a struggle this past year because my medication doesn’t work as it once did. Thankfully with the tools that I learned in counseling, it’s nowhere like before, but it’s still a struggle.

So for the next 30 Days I will be doing something I have never done before to better myself.

And I’m not telling you what I did until the 30 Days are up.

You see this where #BeBrave steps in. Talking about being way out of my comfort zone, yet it seems like the right thing to do. Life often times seems to leave little nuggets that point you to a direction and when you are seeking answers, those nuggets become more apparent and it’s up to you to follow or not. My challenge will probably upset or even disappoint some people and have them look at me differently. Things that I have been taught will be put to the test. And thats not the worst. The worst is what If I succeed? What if on day 30 I can look back at day one and know things in my life are very different…and better…because I attempted to #BeBrave.

Well maybe it wont be so bad. Maybe if people see a change in me, they will be more willing to accept the challenge and #BeBrave as well.

Challenge Accepted!!…

until then…

PS….Since this post I have completed my challenge. Click here for the results!

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