I am so glad this is a new week. I’m not looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow, but I’m glad nevertheless.

This past week has been challenging to say the least. I have been keeping you updated on my ADHD journey and for the most part it has been very positive. But you can’t have a journey without bumps or possible road blocks. I’ve said before, there isn’t a magic pill or treatment to right what is wrong, just a day by day process to better myself and those around me would be able to get the overflow.

Well, this week I began to get some responses from folks who may or may not understand what I have been dealing with all my life. I’ve gotten the, “that’s not ADHD that’s you!”, “are you blaming everything on ADD?” the side conversations of “how long is this going to last?” and those who think change should be quicker.

Along with the responses, somethings have been falling apart at the seams as well. I look at it like a pipe that has been leaking for quite sometime, you’re sure to have damage that may not be easily repaired or repairable…especially if you just found the leak. So the pipe, so my life.


All is well. I can’t say it didn’t play with my head some, but it seemed throughout the week when a negative hit would land a blow, right at the precise time a word of encouragement would be spoken to keep me focused.

So in the words of Chancellor Palpatine “I assure you, my resolve has never been stronger!” My journey will continue.

until then…

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