I’m a huge fan of Mike Brown the Cavaliers head coach. I was elated when he was hired and even though some people say LeBron James runs the team, I still stick up for the guy and believes he is the best man for the job. But this year’s playoffs will be a defining moment for him. How the team preforms will speak volumes to his legacy or lack thereof.

I will say I wouldn’t want to be in the man’s shoes at this point. Even though I believe LBJ will stay in Cleveland, I know there is still underlining pressure to make all things right. The front office has made bold moves to give James a better supporting cast so they have been moving in the right direction. Now with all the pieces in place Brown has to deliver and not be out coached. LBJ will do what is necessary, hopefully some of the supporting cast won’t get lost, *cough* Mo Williams *cough* this time around, but clearly in my eyes Brown is the key to the future of Cavalier basketball.

It’s no secret, expectations are high and nothing less than a championship will do for this years squad. But so was last years team until they ran into the Orlando Magic. So, here we are again and it’s on Brown’s shoulders to pull us through. This is what he was hired for, this is his time, this is his legacy. Let’s see what you’re made of Mike Brown. Make Cleveland proud and make our dreams a reality.

until then…

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