I want to wish you all from my family a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and wonderful New Year!

Many of us during this holiday season overlook the real reason for this season, but also how it effects many of our lives. Like other families, our get together will be missing relatives that have passed on this year. Their hearty laughs, fussiness and even their embarrassing conversations….all will be missed this season. Couples and families that have split will be experiencing the “family” holiday maybe for the first time without the full family. And of course there is the stress we allow the media and merchants to press on us to buy, buy, buy when we know we don’t really have the money to spend…but we have to get boo boo and bookie a present for Christmas and come bill payment in January we are left short.

This all brings me back to what we are celebrating. It is the birth of Christ that makes this special time of year. It is his birth, life, death and resurrection that gives those of like faith the hope and assurance that this is not the end all. That no matter what turns come in life, our road is still the straight and narrow. It is because of Christ blood shed that those that have been lost to us here, aren’t lost to us eternally…and it is that, that really matters.

It is my prayer that as we heal from lost ones or life changes, our firm foundation in our faith will continue to comfort and make joyful the hearts of us all.

Love You All,

Merry Christmas!

until then…

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