OK, we know that Man’s Best Friend is his dog. And Rusty has that place (until he grabs my sandwich off the desk while I’m not looking). But next in line is a man’s grill.

I have two grills, a 55 gallon barrel grill and my new gas grill. I was never a fan of gas grills, I was hardcore charcoal. And every time I cooked I cooked enough for at least a week. Even in the winter at times I would pull out my barrel and fix a little something, something.

But while talking to my neighbor, we discussed the ease of gas grills for just convenience. Since I had a propane tank for my turkey fryer, I said what the heck. I went and got a small gas grill (with side burner) and I have cooked dinner on it almost nightly. Quick and easy, with little hassle. Now don’t get me wrong, the barrel is still my baby, but for coming home from work and wanting something grilled in a jiffy…gas is the way to go.

until then…

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