Today in service at the Kingdom, which was off the hook today, my pastor ministered a very powerful word. One of the many things that he mentioned this morning is that while we are looking for miracles we have already have experienced so many.

In a day where some believers only look for financial miracles or something that pleases the natural man, we forget what God has already done for us. Or we think that the only type of miracle is the one we don’t believe we can have, like renewed eye sight or healing of incurable diseases. I have been blessed to see all that I have mentioned so I know God still moves in those ways, yet all that said if we look back at our life we have had miracles of our own.

When we look back at our life before the cross we can see miracles one after the other. Whether it’s not getting a sexually transmitted disease for the encounters we know we weren’t’ supposed to have or organ diseases from the heavy smoking or drinking during our lifetime. But even spiritual, the hate we have spewed to people and the times we have even, in our hearts, cursed God for our bad situations. Our being here to talk about it is a miracle.

You may say, well that’s life and that’s apart of the life cycle. And I agree with that, but to you I say life is a miracle and we can’t lose sight of that and to be thankful for the miracle of life and the ability to make it another day to make our wrongs right in Him.

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