I mentioned in the last post that I began working out. This will be my third week at what is know as a “aerobic boot camp”. Forty-five minutes to an hour of non-stop heart pumping cardio. Now, not exercising for years and eating like crazy late at night has caused a “few” pounds to creep up on the mid section of my body…go figure. Anyway, my wife has been losing weight for over a year now doing Curves and a couple of these boot camps. I kept telling her I would join with her, but I never followed up on my word, until a few weeks ago. The work out was a shock to my system…but the change in diet was even more of a shock!!!!

During the same time I began taking Monavie. A fruit supplement load with the acai berry. Those three changes in my life have, believe it or not, caused me to feel better. Now my body was very sore from the workouts (three to four times a week), but I can get through them, I’m doing my best to adjust to the new way of eating, and I’ve also notice I’m sleeping better and some of my aches and pains have subsided to little or no pain.

I didn’t think I could get back into the grove of working out, but the ex-athlete in me is jumping for joy.

I’ll keep you up on my progress. So far so good…two weeks and I have already lost ten pounds. :o)

until then…

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