IMAGE – noun – A reproduction of the form of a person or object, especially a sculptured likeness. The opinion or concept of something that is held by the public. The character projected to the public, as by a person or institution, especially as interpreted by the mass media

For so long we have said “Image is everything”. How others perceive you has been most important. I used to believe that. I believed that we must have a good image to impress or have others follow us or hear what we have to say. In the news, public figures, sports icons and the like all worry about the image that is perceived. If something is said or done that may be out of character, a press conference or release is given so the image can be restored or repaired.

I must say that I heard this from someone, but I didn’t quite take it to heart until recently. Image is just a reflection. Something shallow that can be altered when need. You look in a pond of water and you see yourself until something causes the water to ripple and your image has changed. Give the water enough time you image can be seen again. The problem with that is you are fixing what is seen, but not the unseen. Your working outside in, instead of inside out. Image isn’t everything…character is. It’s the character that is the principle thing. A man or woman with good character will be followed by a good reputation and that reputation should form a good image…working from the inside out.

Hopefully this may cause some questions to be asked regarding this subject. You may agree or not, that is the American right. Just to leave with a parting note, Isn’t it interesting that image is most important in places where being shallow is more important than all else….places like Hollywood

until then…

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