Having a teenager in the house is challenging at times and that goes for both parties involved. I try to think about that time in my life and what I was going though to somewhat relate…doesn’t help much, but I try. Most of the times I just say to myself “if I only knew then what I know now”. So that got me to thinking.  Without totally wrecking my future while traveling though the Space-time Continuum, what would I say to a teenage me. What words of wisdom would the elder Darren give to the young whipper snapper DC? I came up with a few quick points.

Sex – Dude wait!! Trust me, your first (or second time for that matter) wasn’t worth the time or effort.

Dad – The man loves you with all he has, even though you think he doesn’t. You will learn that and become very good friends and a better son.

Life – It ain’t all that bad. Stop trippin!! Your world isn’t coming to an end in High School. If it did I wouldn’t be talking to you.

ADHD – Talk to dad and mom about how you feel. Really explain what’ s going on with you. They will listen. And you just do what it takes to make you feel better, regardless of what people might think. Believe me you will be better for it.

Summer Flings of 1989 & Garden Valley 1996 – STAY AWAY!!! …dude for real… STAY THE HELL AWAY!!

Grandparents – Keep in touch with them, do what you can do when you can and appreciate their wisdom.

Money – Save and invest (ask dad what investing means) when you hear about these two new companies Microsoft and Google.

Tom in Hallway – Duck, then left hook….right hook won’t work so well.

Advice – Just be the you we both know you can be. Trust me, it’s much much more that what you thinking now.

Now after my sound advice, I’m sure my teenage self would have a question or two. Again not wanting to say to much, I would offer one question that i’m sure the young me has put much thought and effort in forming. Teenage Darren’s most prolific question would probably be…. “If you are the future me, then what the HELL you do to my waves!?!” “You know how long I brushed and trained my hair to get the waves that makes people sea sick! All I see is skin on the top of your head! Is this what I have to look forward to….Damn!!

until then…

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