December 1969…

Well, I must say…I have been attempting to write this post all day long. This morning while still in Indiana, I begin writing, but because of the weather the power kept going on and off, off and on, until it stayed off. So, we had to check out and hit the road. There was a snow storm that hit our location and we ended up driving in it. We left around noon and I pulled up in my driveway a little after 10:00 pm this evening. Mind you the drive to Marion IN is only five hours. I averaged 40 miles per hour on the highways. So after dropping everyone off, Theresa and I were on our way to pick up Rusty and on I271 we hit ice and begin an 180 spin in the middle of the highway. Theresa calling on the name of Jesus and I was answering with He is good. Well the 10-12 cars behind us saw the spin and slowed down and we ended up facing them and sliding backwards. Jesus IS good and we stopped, turned back the right direction and got of the freaking highway!! And that was the half of it…on my birthday.

People ask why I am so pumped on my birthday…it’s because of days like this. One moment I’m watching my sister received her masters and the next day I’m in a tail spin on the highway, which could have injured or killed my wife and I. So no matter how bad it has seemed…LIFE and the ability to LIVE is worth celebrating. I am grateful to God for His grace in my life, I’m always glad to be alive to see yet another year.

So…it’s 11:52pm, eight more minutes of thanks. Happy Birthday To Me!

December 16, 2007

until then…

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