When something last a long time we find that unusual now a days. In the case of marriage it is very unusual, since the divorce rate is 50 percent. But there are those who through better or worse make it work. My parents fit that mode. This past weekend they celebrated their 46th Wedding Anniversary.

I love my parents and wouldn’t trade them in for the world! They have raised me and my sister the best they knew how and did a pretty good job. Trust me, dealing with a little Darren kept them pretty busy. That along with life issues had to be difficult on their relationship, but they persevered. I’m sure times may have come to call it quits but again they persevered.

I applaud my parents. I’m thankful and blessed that our family is able to celebrate such an occasion. God gave my sister and me a strong father and a nurturing mother. And today I say congratulations to you Mom & Dad!

Love #1 Son

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